Brussels Sprouts 101

I owe my love of Brussels Sprouts to two people in this world. The first is Chef Kevin Weinberg, owner of the Walnut Creek Yacht Club.  I worked for Kevin years ago and he introduced me to the world...
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Fake Olive Oil

We’ve been chatting with a lot of customers recently who watched an interesting and disturbing piece on 60 Minutes about food fraud.  The piece looked at fraud coming out of Italy and focused primarily on fake olive oils.  What...
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  1. Carol Freasier says:

    Do you refrigerate the vinegars (i got the coconut) after opening. We bought two different diping oils and the one says to refrigerate but there is noting on your label. Once open, what is the shelf life of the oil?.

  2. jessica says:

    Hi Carol

    We don’t recommend refrigeration for either the oils or vinegars. Just keep them in your pantry. Shelf life on the oils is about a year after you bought it, and 3-6 months after opened… definitely you want to use those quickly. The vinegars are already aged, they won’t go bad, will just lose of the intensity of flavor over time. I would use them in 2 years.

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